Sandringham House

This substantial alteration and addition was conducted on a dilapidated Sandringham house. The family client were looking for a home and garden with pool to grow with them.

The treatment of ground and ceiling planes are two keys to this project’s success. The ground plane bridges the drop in level across the site and delineates living spaces. Overhead, a high gable ceiling also defines the new living space, heightening the spatial experience as it expands out as you enter from the front door and progress past bedrooms and den.

To create the desired feeling of solidity and timelessness, the exterior material palette is white brick and timber joinery. Inside, several visual anchors enhance the experience of space. A finely crafted console defines a dining area. Accessible from either side, it serves for storage and display. The white brick chimney of the central fireplace introduces the exterior’s materiality to the interior (similarly, an exterior fireplace built in the back of the chimney provides a well-used gathering point outside). And the warm timber tones, slate accents and negative details of the kitchen and self-contained scullery reinforce the commitment to craft such as oak and cedar, and help forge an even stronger connection with the rear garden.

Photography by Sam Hartnett

2022 Interior Awards - Finalist, Residential category
2021 Best Awards - Gold, Residential Interior Architecture category