1050 Remuera

1050 Remuera is a boutique urban enclave in the heart of one of Auckland’s villages – a sophisticated mixed-use project that draws its name from Remuera’s postcode and provides a considered home for tenants working in retail, fashion, beauty, and hospitality with an artisanal inflection.

The substantial programme of this project saw Bureaux’s architectural design concept extend from full-site master planning to heritage adaptation and restoration. It included the design of a new multi-story brick-annex building and pavilions, right through to the cohesive identity created for the tenancy shop-fronts.

Our objectives were to create a sense of permanence, enhancing what went before with considered new interventions, and provide a focal point that enhances the reputation of the village. It is at once public and private, and new and old slowly revealed as you leave Remuera Road to venture through the refurbished arcade and laneways to a layered and refined urban experience.

Photography by Sam Hartnett

2023 Best Awards - Gold, Retail Environments (over 150 sqaure metres) category
2023 Best Awards - Gold, Private, Public and Institutional Spaces – Private Development (up to $10 million) category