Millbrook House

A base for skiing and golf, this home is a collection of gabled volumes, one stone, two cedar. The composition breaks down visual scale, provides varied opportunities for private and sheltered outdoor living, and allows part or all of the house to be enjoyed, depending on guest numbers and requirements.

The stone volume, with thick schist walls and deep reveals around shuttered windows and doors, accommodates an open living area and kitchen anchored by a weighty island of tundra-grey stone. The cedar volumes, for accommodation and garaging, are visually lighter, with the vertical run of timber drawing the eye up, to the mountains. The interior is cohesive and crafted, a result of Bureaux’s role designing most of the home’s furniture and cabinetry (and specifying the rest). The interior fits the envelope like a luxurious glove – and the surprise and delight of the layered textures and materials is an enticing invitation to reach out and trail a hand across each surface.

Photography by Simon Devitt / Jackie Meiring